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since 1963​
It all began one day in Rob's kitchen....

USDA prime steaks are hard to find in today's corporate "big box" steakhouses. Chef Rob makes every effort to find them and bring them to your table. Simply prepared dishes with the freshest ingredients best describes Chef Rob's ideal. Chef Rob shops every day to serve you the freshest, best product in the market. 


A little family stuff...

Chef Rob learned most of his creativity from his Sicilian grandmother who taught him to cook when he was a young boy. As a child he was always in the kitchen preparing meals for his family. Mom didn't have much interest in the kitchen (God Bless my mother in law :-) which caused Chef Rob to flourish. It's very common to see us all in the kitchen, me on the counter top with a glass of wine, Ellen (daughter 19) filling us in on ALL her life experiences... and Chef Rob saying "taste this!". We are always full before we begin.


Signature Dish...

If you have not tried the Double Cut Bone In Smoked Pork Chop, it's his signature dish, and worth every bite.

We also have a signature martini called the Thin Mintini. This restaurant property is the original "Girl Scout" bakery and this is our way of honoring all young women, their courage and their dreams.

buon appetito!

Chef Rob, Madonna & Miss Elley


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